Imperial Pipe

12375 Brown Avenue

Riverside, CA 92509

Cement Lining

Imperial produces quality linings per AWWA standard C-205, API 10E & Custom Mixes and Specialty
Pre-Krete C7 & G8 materials. A durable, cost-effective, time proven choices for protecting steel pipe for over a Century, for above or below-ground applications.

Mix A – AWWA C-205 Compliant

Mix B - API 10E & Custom Mixes:

Mix C – Pre-Krete C7 & G8:

Currently used and has been in service in the Mines of SK, Canada for of 35 years successfully and for numerous Oil, Energy and Geothermal projects, it is known as being incomparable and the best lining solution available due to it’s capabilities of withstanding even the harshest of environments and low to high temperature, along with it’s thermal stress index and self healing capabilities.


IP is the only company in the USA Certified to line the Pre Krete Materials and we are considered the absolute “Greatest”, all of our experience has earned us this reputation through out the USA and Canada.


Solution mining, Salt – Brine & Potassium Processing, Hot water & Steam injection lines, Abrasive and Corrosive slurries, Sulphur & Oil Sour Service, Geothermal Wells and Down-hole piping.

Down-Hole Piping

Threaded Ends:


  • STC, BTC, Flush Joint, API, Specialty, High-Torque Options
  • 10’ to 40’ and various length options


Down-hole Piping is lined with Pre-Krete-G8 Specialty Cement to be flush with ends, Special Gaskets or P-Rings with Special Sealant Material used, depending upon application, the Pre-Krete G8 can handle all corrosive and abrasive elements, up to 1000 degrees, this is a cost saving and uncompelling material solution for the Geothermal, Mining, Oil and Energy projects. All Coating options are also, available.


Other Piping Solutions Available:

Machine Applied


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