Imperial Pipe

12375 Brown Avenue

Riverside, CA 92509

Specialty Coating

IPS’s custom designed and built coating equipment and through quality processes allow the application of cement mortar coatings to be held to the highest quality standards for both mix content and finished coating consistency thickness and appearance.


All of our Cement Mixes can be applied for Coating; AWWA, API & Specialty Epoxy, Dual-Layer’s, Various High-Temp Options, Insulation with HDPE Wrap and many more options are available.

Specialty Pipe and Casing:
Threaded Ends:

Down-hole Piping is lined with Pre-Krete-G8 Specialty Cement to be flush with ends, Special Gaskets or P-Rings with Special Sealant Material used, depending upon application, the Pre-Krete G8 can handle all corrosive and abrasive elements, up to 1000 degrees, this is a cost saving and uncompelling material solution for the Geothermal, Mining, Oil and Energy projects. All Coating options are also, available.

Other Piping Solutions Available:
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