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Specialty Cement Linings

Specialty Cement Linings

For any water or fluid applications, specialty cement lined and coated steel pipe and casing has proven to be a substantial cost saving and a long lasting effective material solution. IPS’s state of the art processing facility allows the specialty cement lining process to be held to the highest quality standards both for mix content, offering various finished wall thicknesses and End finished materials.

Mix A – AWWA C-205 Compliant

Mix B - API 10E

Mix C – Pre-Krete G8 Blend (Proprietary Product)

IPS is a Preferred and Certified Spin Lining and Coating Applicator and Distributor of the Pre-Krete Product line. We are the only manufacturer in the USA that can process this material with spin lining and IPS’s special customized methods and high quality procedures with the Pre-Krete materials, gives us the superior excellence reputation, “As being the best at Pre-Krete”.


The Pre-Krete Material has been in pipeline service for over 35 years in mines, energy and oil projects in Canada and the USA, without issues, it can be used for various projects; pipeline, water lines, process piping, well casing, down-hole piping, fittings, flanges, cementing in casing to closing abandoned wells and
many more.


It is and all in one solution, and the alternative solution for cost savings instead of using high alloy materials.

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