Internal Cement Mortar Lining

Imperial produces quality linings per AWWA standard C-205, API practice 10E, or per your Custom-specified mix. A durable, cost-effective, timeproven choice for protecting steel pipe interiors for over a Century. Appropriate for above or below-ground applications in potable and reclaimed water systems.

Machine Applied

  • Centrifugally applied to straight pipe 4 through 54 inch in diameter and up to 40-feet in length using our custom-designed and built state-of-the-art equipment
  • Automated weigh batching and operator controls ensure proper and consistent mix, density, strength and quality


  • Hand-applied to special fittings by our experienced team of craftsmen.

All applications are in strict conformance with customer-mandated specifications and standards.

Though mortar lining is one of our specialties, some service demands require alternative corrosion-protection. We can also provide a variety of other lining materials in accordance with select AWWA standards, contact us for details.