Internal Cement Mortar Lining – per AWWA, API, or Custom mixes

Hand applied or Machine-applied using the industry’s largestcapacity wheel-equipment designed and built by us for the task.

External Cement Mortar Coating – per AWWA standard C-205 or as preferred by customer

Hand or Machine applied using equipment built in-house.


All types of pipeline related fittings; if you have a need for it, we can build it for you. Our experienced and certified welders, fitters, designers, and NDE procedures produce the results you need. And don’t forget our Pole Division for more fabrication diversity.

Joint End Forming

  • Swage-punched Lap-Welded and O-Ring bells
  • Precision Die-Rolled gasketed spigots
  • Machined Cut-Groove ends for Mechanical couplings

Machine Shop Services

  • facing, boring, rolling, shearing and lathe services


  • Combine our expertise with yours to make your project a success

Delivery Methods

  • Truck, Rail, Ocean-going barge