Mining & API Product Solution:

Polyurethane Insulation and Jacketing


In many instances external corrosion protection and/or greater control of thermal conditions within the piping system drive end users to consider an insulated solution. Process control, quality considerations and inspection procedures make a prefabricated, turn-key solution a very cost and time effective alternative to field installed.


Imperial can control and coordinate all aspects of the internal pipe lining and external pipe coating process and deliver a ready to install pipe joint to the job site. Working with Imperial to supply a fully integrated solution allows you as a customer to work with just one resource. Imperial inherits the burden on behalf of the customer for procuring all material, defining the fabrication timeline, providing process documentation from inception to delivery as well as logistics scheduling. Efficiency saves time and money. Imperial offers an inspired solution.

Prefabricated Polyurethane Insulation and Jacketing Features/Benefits

  • High quality vs. field Installation
    • Fully concentric
    • Jacket fully bonded to the insulation
    • Consistent compressive strength
    • Consistent density
    • Consistent thermal conductivity
    • Precise thickness
    • Easy inspection
    • Factory tested prior to delivery
  • Ease and quickness of installation
  • Construction schedule improvements
  • Lower installed cost vs. field insulated and fabricated piping systems
  • Where thermal control throughout the piping system is critical
    • -320°F to 289 °F
  • Where external pipe corrosion control is critical