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Leak Detection

Our relationship with a leader in leak detection technology for steel piping systems allows us to expand our prefabricated lined piping options to include leak detection solutions.

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In many instances rapid response to a leak within a piping system is critical to the integrity of that system. An undetected leak within a piping system can have far reaching ramifications including pipe corrosion, environmental contamination and unaccounted for fluid loss. The potential for liability from leaks can be tremendous.


The Imperial Leak Detection System is a specific solution for identifying a leak signature within your piping system. Using coaxial cables and probes to monitor for liquid leaks, the system can detect and locate leaks, breaks and shorts on the sensor cable as well as probe activations. By sending energy pulses down the center conductor of a coaxial cable and measuring the reflected energy, a map of the cable can be stored and monitored for change. When change occurs a type of alarm is activated and its location is displayed on a monitoring panel. Imperial can control and coordinate all aspects of the internal pipe lining and external pipe coating process, with embedded leak detection and deliver a ready to install pipe joint to the job site. Working with Imperial to supply a fully integrated solution allows you as a customer to work with just one resource. Imperial inherits the burden on behalf of the customer for procuring all material, defining the fabrication timeline, providing process documentation from inception to delivery as well as logistics scheduling. Efficiency saves time and money. Imperial offers an inspired solution.

Leak Detection Features/Benefits

  • Wet cable startup
  • Multiple leak location capability
  • Location of breaks
  • Detection of shorts versus leaks
  • Archive history data
  • UL Listed, FM Approved, CE Approval available
  • Class 1 Div. 1 Groups C & D Sensor Circuits
  • Up to 8 circuits and 7,500’ (2250 m) per circuit
  • Corrosion resistant sensor cables
  • Different cable types on the same circuit
  • EPA third party tested
  • Ease of installation
  • Construction schedule improvements
  • Lower prefabricated cost vs. field installed
  • Minimize liability & maximize operational integrity