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Heat Trace


Controlling thermal conditions within a piping system can be critical to the overall operational integrity of the system. Changes in fluid viscosity or frozen pipelines can have far reaching ramifications including downtime, pipe corrosion, catastrophic failure and environmental contamination. The potential for failure ultimately effects profitability.


The Imperial Heat Trace Option is a specific solution for proactively protecting your piping system. Three options exist; Heat Tape, Skin Effect or Impedance. By allowing us to work collaboratively to choose the best solution for your system, Imperial can control and coordinate all aspects of the internal pipe lining and external pipe coating process with embedded heat tracing capability and deliver a ready to install pipe joint to the job site. Working with Imperial to supply a fully integrated solution allows you as a customer to work with just one resource. Imperial inherits the burden on behalf of the customer for procuring all material, defining the fabrication timeline, providing process documentation from inception to delivery as well as logistics scheduling. Efficiency saves time and money. Imperial offers an inspired solution.

Our relationship with a leader in heat trace technology for steel piping systems allows us to expand our prefabricated lined piping options to include heat trace solutions.

One Vendor, One Accountability – Inspired Pipeline Solutions

Heat Tape Technology

System Design

  • Heat trace raceway utilized for ease of tape installation and replacement.
  • Heat trace raceway welded or banded to service pipe.


  • Extruded semiconductor material between two wires.
  • Resistance changes dramatically with temperature.
  • Voltage applied between wires.
  • Current through semiconductor generates heat.
  • As cable temperature increases, heat output decreases.
  • Heat outputs from 3 watts/foot to 20 watts/foot.