Mining & API Product Solution:

Epoxy Lined or Painted Pipe

Professionally applied epoxy and paint products allow us to expand our prefabricated piping solutions. Including epoxy or paint lined pipe in our portfolio of solutions allows Imperial the opportunity to provide a wide variety of customized solutions to meet your requirements while providing the most cost effective alternative.

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Epoxy Lining or Paint Options

To mitigate the corrosive effects of a fluid stream, epoxy lined or painted steel pipe has traditionally been a cost effective solution. There are a variety of linings available. While other compounds may be available, noted below are common solutions for mining applications.

Epoxy Lining Specifications:

Material Options:

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy
    • AWWA C-213 (Trade Names - Scotchkote, Napgard, or equal)
  • Liquid Epoxy
    • AWWA C-210
  • Polyurethane Based Epoxy
    • AWWA C-222
  • As specified by customer