Joint Lock Ring


  • Allows for full penetration joint welding with no internal cement contamination in the weld zone.
  • Allows for mechanical and nondestructive testing of the finished weld.
  • Allows for a reduction in pipe wall thickness and weld time over partial joint penetration designs.
  • Replaces a challenged industry standard for joining cement lined pipe.
  • Accomplished a permanent inside pipe shoulder for cement lining containment and protection that is out of the weld
  • zone.
  • Joint Lock Rings can be factory installed in all straight pipe and loose fittings to be butt welded in the field.
  • Joint Lock Rings (loose) can be easily installed in the field after cutting and beveling the pipe.
  • Shop quality internal cement lining patches can be accomplished by installation crews in all “cut to fit” field
  • joint applications.
  • Some designs of the joint lock ring utilize an o-ring gasket that provides a secondary pressure seal that will
  • safe guard the environment in the event of a weld failure.
  • Joint Lock Rings can be used with all designs of cement lining.
  • The joint lock ring base material, ID coatings and o-ring seals can be engineered and adapted to meet specific
  • pipe grades , various service conditions and fluid types.